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Introducing the Mentor Partnership Program, a transformative initiative designed to deliver unparalleled admissions counseling for students. Our distinguished mentor, Saurabh Taluja, an Ivy League alumnus hailing from Cornell University and a member of the Ivy League Club, brings an extraordinary track record of achieving a 100% student admission rate. With over a decade of counseling experience, Saurabh has not only guided students but also pioneered college counseling divisions in 20+ schools across India.

Drawing on a network of mentors affiliated with the top 100 universities, Saurabh has meticulously curated a program tailored to meet the unique needs of students from Grade 9th to Grade 12th. Here’s an overview of the program’s key components:
– Career Counselling: Guiding students in selecting degree programs aligned with their career plans.
– Profile Building Plan: Encompassing leadership programs, entrepreneurship initiatives, research projects, community services, internships, degree-based projects, Olympiads, boot camps, and online courses from prestigious universities such as MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, NUS, etc.
– College Decisions: Integrating career and college plans for a holistic approach.
– Application Strategy: Providing insights into crafting compelling applications
– Essay Strategy: Offering guidance on crafting impactful and persuasive essays.
– Athletic Admissions (Golf, Tennis, etc.): Navigating the unique challenges of sports related admissions.
– Offer Selection: Advising on the selection of admission offers
– Accommodation: Assisting in the process of securing suitable accommodations.
– Visa: Providing support and guidance through the visa application process.

Empower your academic journey with the IB Scholarz Mentor Partnership Program, where excellence meets personalized guidance

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